3.5mm 4 Pole Male Plug To 3 RCA (Red/Yellow/White) Female Jack Cable Camcorder

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3.5mm Jack to 3 female RCA Cable

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Package Includes:

1x 3.5mm Jack to 3 female RCA Cable

  • This cable is perfect for connecting your personal video player or camcorder to your TV. It will connect to the 3.5mm connection on your camcorder and then break out into 3 RCAs, Red, White and Yellow. The 3 RCAs can then connect to your TV, VCR, projector, or any other device accepting an RCA connection. Watch video from your iPod or MP3 player on your TV.

    1. Color-Coded RCA Plugs
    2. 3.5mm AV Mini-Plug to Three RCA Plugs
    3. Suitable for High-Performance Video and Audio Playback

  • 4. Color: BLACK cable

    1. Length: approximately 30cm (1foot)
    2. Compatible with most Mini DV and Digital camcoders